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What is SocialSquawk?

SocialSquawk is the only website devoted principally to publishing user-generated announcements. We seek to increase the meaningful connection between a person, a place, and a community. To do this effectively we provide easy-to-use rich media tools together with an expanding network of users allowing your announcement to find both a local and national reach. Our goal is to establish SocialSquawk as the webs’ go-to site for announcements.

What is an announcement

A social announcement is a person news story that shares an important moment in your life with family, friends, and neighbors. Engagements, weddings, births and the death of a love one are important moments that change our lives forever. But there are many other moments that matter, too: a baptism or bar mitzvah, sports awards our kids win, academic accolades we receive, a charity event you helped to organize, a golden anniversary, a milestone birthday celebration, career achievements, a tribute to a teacher, coach, mentor or loved one—these moments also play an important role in telling the story of who we are.

An event announcement shares news of happenings and events of interest, before or after the event—a charity ball, a theater performance, a gallery opening, a museum exhibit, a concert, a university lecture, a book signing, a garden tour, a showhouse, an auto show, an equestrian event, an estate sale, craft show and more.

Announcements, by definition, are intended to be public notices. Social announcements are the same announcements that have appeared in print for more than three centuries, beginning with the Boston News-Letter in 1704. What’s different today is the new media model. With SocialSquawk you control your announcement and engage an audience with text, photos, video, audio, web links and more. You decide what to write, what features to include and when to publish. Even after publication you can edit your announcement. And while each announcement is archived you can delete at any time.

How will someone find my announcement?

Once published, every announcement will be archived and indexed in our general database that is available to anyone in any location—from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and in between. Announcements can be searched by category, location, name, date and keyword. We provide you with an option to link your announcement to multiple locations. If you live within a specified zip code radius of a town for which we have established a community portal, your announcement will also appear here. Importantly, you have control to edit and delete your announcement at any time from the SocialSquawk database.

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Is there a cost

There is no cost to search and read announcements, or to use special features on our community pages. Social and Event announcements can be created and posted for free. We do offer an upgrade, paid announcement with extended features and benefits. The details of this are further explained during the process of creating an announcement.

What are the key features

One of our guiding principles was to make our site intuitive and easy to navigate without unnecessary clutter and noise. The two primary features of our site are SEARCH and CREATE. In creating an announcement we provide you with a template that includes an array of rich-media features—video, audio, photos, web links and guest/comment form. Our announcement-link feature allows you to link multiple, related announcements to form an “album.”

Our charity model

We believe in the “give-back” principle and the collective power of micro-philanthropy. At its core, SocialSquawk is about people and communities. Charities enhance a community. At SocialSquawk we donate 5% of our annual revenue to a variety of charitie4s that play a vital and essential role in enhancing the life and health of a community—at home, across the nation and around the world. A small charity badge will be placed on each paid announcement indicating your support of our charity efforts. 5% of annual revenue goes to charity

What is a community portal?

While SocialSquawk is national in scope, our community portals are hyperlocal. Community portals are SocialSquawk’s response to a changing media landscape and the decline of the local newspaper. With this decline many localities have lost the ability to share information about the people, places and organizations that make their communities accessible and interesting. SocialSquawk seeks to address this problem by creating online ‘town squares’ in the form of community portal pages. On our community pages, announcements—the real ‘pulse’ of any community—are featured front and center. We also provide relevant and up-to-date features like local blogs, community chat, bulletin boards and real-time Twitter® news feeds that facilitate citizen awareness and conversation.

How can I add my community?

Simple. Let us know. We’re growing fast and would love your help! We began in our hometown of Princeton, NJ and were quickly adopted by Mainline, PA followed by Greenwich, CT, Wellesley, MA and Bethesda, MD. While our platform is scalable we’re nonetheless reminded that Rome was not built in a day. We see each community as a “house”, its citizens a “family” and SocialSquawk as a “neighborhood.” If you’d like to help us build a “house” and have your community join our “neighborhood” drop us a line!

Our Think Tank

We’re fortunate to have assembled a terrific team from a variety of backgrounds to lead our social media venture.

Ken Smith
Serial Entrepreneur. New media architect.
Former owner of Princeton, NJ community newspaper
Former teacher, Princeton Day School
Franklin & Marshall College
University of Michigan
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Caroline Greenberg, M.D.
Radiologist. Social media. Cultural Arts.
Franklin & Marshall College
Jefferson Medical College
George Mandis
Director of Technology
Web developer extraordinare.
Cyclist. Musican. Entrepreneur.
Portland State University
Nick Perold
Business Development
Philosopher. Surfer. Gen Y.
Interactive marketing. New media.
Connecticut College
Carol Orenstein
Board of Advisors
Marketing muse. Web strategist.
Harvard University
Wharton, MBA
Jeremy Johnson
Board of Advisors
Digital media evangelist
Executive VP, Marketing, 2tor, inc
Princeton University
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SocialSquawk would not be the community it is if we had not listened and continued to listen to comments, suggestions, and opinions from those who matter most—YOU, the user. Your continued feedback will help us to further evolve our site to best meet the needs of our community. We look forward to hearing from you. Best to email us at: feedback@socialsquawk.com